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Chat Summary for Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Hey everyone, Aly here! Here's the summary for this Sundays #bbloggers chat. Please don't forget to sign up *here* to do a summary if you would like to! And please remember to be kind to the person writing the summary, since they have taken the time out of their day to do so!

Hello all of my fellow Bbloggers! My name is Erinn and I run the beauty blog: Enhance Your Natural Beauty for Less and I blog all about natural remedies, product reviews, makeup and skincare. 

I was exited when I was asked to do this summary because I participate in every #bbloggers chat! This chat had an interesting topic: YouTube- Favorite gurus, if you have your own channel/how to start, tips on filming, etc. 

The Bbloggers touched on subjects like lighting for filming, their favorite YouTubers, how to gain confidence in front of the camera and their favorite YouTube videos to watch.

Lighting Tips: Most Bbloggers seemed to prefer natural lighting when they film their videos. However, some have splurged and have bought lighting boxes which are needed during the bad winter weather.

Favorite YouTubers: A lot of Bbloggers seemed to have similar favorites when it came to YouTubers. Such as: @Lisa_Eldridge @CTilburyMakeup @Wonderful_U @TanyaBurr @ViviannaMakeup @ZozeeBo @FleurDeForce I personally love most of these YouTubers and watch them quite often along with many other Bbloggers!

Confidence Tips: Confidence seemed to be a huge topic during this discussion since it seemed to be the main thing most Bbloggers have trouble with. A lot of Bbloggers gave some great tips so feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Most Bbloggers said to just talk to the camera as if it was your best friend or to make practice videos to help become less awkward in front of the camera. Also other Bbloggers suggested really letting your personality show through so we get to know you as a person. 
Favorite YouTube Videos: Tons of Bbloggers shared what videos they enjoy watching the most are and the winner hands-down was haul videos! The Bbloggers agreed that watching haul videos were the most interesting because they enjoyed longer videos and videos with more talking.

#bbloggers opinions:

I  also asked the Bbloggers after the chat what their opinions were about it and how they liked the topic:

Overall I really enjoyed this #bbloggers chat and learned some great tips about starting out Youtubing and tips and tricks for lighting and editing! If you would like to find me on twitter I am @beautyforless17. 
Have a great day lovelies!

Erinn xo

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