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Featured BBogger #26

How are you my lovely bbloggers? Anne here.It's Friday and it's time for featured bblogger of the week.We don't care if you have 0 followers or thousands the only criteria we are looking for is for you to be a beauty blogger. If you would like to be featured, all you have to do is to go here and leave a comment with your email and blog URL. Please keep in mind that this works on a first come, first serve basis.
The featured bblogger of the week is the lovely Elena from Frivolous Mrs D and here are her answers to our 10 questions:

Q.What is your name and your blog's name?
A. I'm Elena/Mrs D and my blog is called 'Frivolous Mrs D'.

Q.Can you tell us few words about yourself?
A. I'm a plus sized, 1950's and rockabilly loving lady who lives in a little village in Northamptonshire with my hairy husband and two kitties. I own a vintage tea party business where I also sell cupcakes and occasion cakes. I love all things showgirl-y, glittery and twee.

Q.How long have you been blogging?
A. I had my first blog ten years ago on uJournal then switched to livejournal where I blogged about my innermost emo thoughts. Thankfully though I grew up and started blogging with blogger around a year ago.

Q.Can you tell us a few words about your blog?
A. It's my little space where I get to gush over pretty dresses, show off my favourite lipsticks, discuss products I really like (and dislike) and generally share frivolous snippets of my life.

Q.What do you love most about being a blogger?
A. I've met some wonderful people and I love being able to talk about things I love with like-minded people because god knows my hairy husband really couldn't care less about the amazing formula of my new nail polish. Plus it keeps me writing. I've always enjoyed putting words onto paper/screen but find I don't have the inspiration or time I did when I was younger so this is a really good way of incorporating my love of writing with my love of all things frivolous!

Q.What are some of the hardships you have faced as a blogger - and how do you deal with them?
A. My biggest one is finding motivation when I'm not feeling great. I have GAD and recurrent depressive disorder and one of the first things to disappear when I'm struggling is my motivation and desire to do things I enjoy. Fortunately though I have a wonderful group of bloggy friends who encourage me and inspire me and more often than not once I start taking photos and making notes on things it's not nearly as difficult or exhausting as I imagined.

Q.What are your 3 must have products.
A. Lush Godiva shampoo bar, Benefit Boi-ing concealer and my Rockalily lipstick in Rockette Red.

Q. What are the most important qualities in a blog that you would subscribe to? 
A. Pretty photographs, lots of personality and varied posts. Blogs that just regurgitate the same stuff every day make me yawn.

Q.What is your favorite drugstore and high-end brand?
A. Drugstore/high street brand is a toss up between MUA for their make-up and ELF for their make-up brushes. High-end is Benefit; my face should be sponsored by them.

Q. Where can we find you?
A. My blog - http://frivolousmrsd.blogspot.com. Twitter - https://twitter.com/elenalucie.


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