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#BBloggers Topic January 13, 2013- {VOTE}

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Hey Dolls!! 
You know the drill by now, please take a second to vote. Thank you to everyone that sent some new topic suggestions. 

xoxo, Kelly & the bloggers girls
Vote for #bbloggers topic January 13 2013
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Please keep in mind that we use suggestions that are suggested by all of you - so if we do not receive any suggestions we have to recycle old one's. It is very important for you all to suggest topics each week - this way the chat stays fresh and everyone enjoys it. It's a huge part of the chat; so please please please suggest topics - you can suggest them at any point in the week; For example... you can click right > HERE < and suggest a topic for next weeks chat RIGHT NOW! :)
Remember if you ever have any question at all; don't be afraid to reach out and ask!
You can contact any of us directly, email the bbloggersgirls@gmail.com account, Tweet @bbloggerschat, or leave a comment with a question! We have a guestbook too - perfect for questions!

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xo, Nykki, Islaay, Anne, Kelly, && Aly
Please don't forget to take a second and vote on the Topic for Sunday! 

If you haven 't checked it out already - There is now a #bbloggers Forum!
Come chat, and meet new bloggers 24 hours a day! :)


  1. Ahh, I got so excited when I saw the connecting to other bloggers option. Happy to see that so many other gals were as excited as I was! ♥

    1. Definietly! I hope you enjoyed the chat!