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Chat Summary for Sunday, January 13th, 2013

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Hey girls, Aly here! I hope your week has been great so far!
Here is the summary for Sundays chat. Please don't forget to sign up here if you want to do a summary, and please take a second to vote on this weeks topic, too! As for signing up to write a summary, we are running out of people on the sign-up sheet, so I'm going back to the top of the list and asking bloggers to do another summary. So it's really important new people keep signing up, so everyone can get the opportunity to write at least one summary.  Also, please remember to be kind to the blogger who wrote this post, since they took time out of their day to do so!
Hayya I'm Elysa from MakeupByElysa a blog all about beauty. This is my second ever summary and i'm so happy to be back. I will try and make this summary a good and informative one, Tonights chat well I didn't really think there was to much to talk about but it was fun.

What was the topic?
                   Connecting to other bloggers, were you live, your age and what you blog about.

These are a few of the main things #bbloggers bought up in the chat.

- A lot of #bbloggers find it very important to connect with other #bbloggers who share the same interests as you. 
- A lot of #bbloggers bought up meet up's, there have been a few meet up's but there all down south (london area) and bloggers in Scotland, Wales and Ireland are not able to attend. 
- some #bbloggers really like making friends from America and Canada as they find it interesting learning about other beauty products, and maybe one day do a swap with them. 
- some #bbloggers would love to meet others but are to scared, while some #bbloggers said they would find it weird to meet some one they have become friends with over twitter. 
- It was also bought up that some #bbloggers that are nearer 30+ feel old as most #bbloggers are in there 20s or late teens. 

Some #bbloggers opinions 

I did enjoy tonight's chat but I didn't really have to much to say, lets hope for another amazing but  more chatter chat next week. If you would like to find me on twitter my username is @makeupbyelysa 

Elysa x
xo, Nykki, Islaay, Anne, Kelly, && Aly
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  1. oh yay, there's me! :D looking strange and frightened haha. I actually quite liked this topic :) it was nice to get to know some of the bloggers better x


    1. Haha, I think you look great! And I liked this topic too! x

  2. Wah, I missed this chat! Hopefully this will come up again : )

  3. I really wish I didn't miss this chat! Ugh I voted for this topic too and I forgot to go on to twitter at 3pm (I live in the USA)


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