Let's make this chat even EASIER! {Enjoy}

Hi #bbloggers - Nykki Here; I am bringing you something today that I think may help your chats go so much better! I know that it can be very difficult when there are so many of us chatting, chatting, chatting - it takes a while to get used to && sometimes it can be really hard to keep up. I have used this application in the past, and recommended it awhile ago; but the lovely Cristina brought it back to my attention today. I asked her if she would write up a post about it - and she kindly did. This is for all of you!! She has taken the time out of her day to write this up; in hopes that it can help at least one of you enjoy the chats more! It's a great post, and the application is amazing! Enjoy! :) 

Hello bbloggers :)

I am Cristina and I blog over at Cristina’s Beauty Box. I’ll start by saying that I have loved the whole #bbloggers chat idea since I found out about it in spring. At the beginning, I tried to participate in one chat, but it was so hard to actually chat and follow, that I gave up. I was still following the topics and voting for them, but I found it very hard to follow the actual chat. This was till autumn, when it was time for a topic that really interested me and I said to myself that I must find a way to follow.  So what did I do? I went to a very good friend, called Google and searched for a solution. This is how I found TweetDeck! I decided to share this with you after I saw a lot of bbloggers saying that is hard to follow when the chat is very active.

*** You don’t HAVE to download tweetdeck – you can use it from your browser ****
You can download TweetDeck for FREE from http://www.tweetdeck.com/ . It is available on PC, Mac and I found it even in the iTunes Store (also for free).  

First step to use TweetDeck is to download and install the program on your computer. When you launch it you will have the option to sign in or to create a TweetDeck account. If it is the first time you heard about this program you’ll probably need to create an account so proceed with that.
The next step is to link your Twitter account and I will show you how.

Click on Settings

Click on add Twitter account

Just write your account details and Voila

Now that you have your TweetDeck account and your Twitter account linked, it is time to add the #bbloggers as a column. 

click on “Add Column” (highlighted in the picture)
 click on “Search” (highlighted in the picture)

write in the search tab #bbloggers and then press enter. After the updates from the hash tag are appearing just press add column

Now you are almost done, but there is one more tip to make chatting even easier: add the Column “Me” the same way you added the #bbloggers column.

click on “Me” (highlighted in the picture)

Now you are DONE. Enjoy the #bbloggers chat!

This was my small tutorial for you and I hope this will help to have more people active in the #bbloggers chats. If you enjoyed it, have a look at my blog as well. Usually I am not writing IT tutorials, but if you are interested in beauty you might like it.
Have a nice day and talk to you in the next chat :)



Let us know if you have used this in the past; use it now; or try it out this weekend or even Wednesday at the General chat! 
We would like to know if this makes it easier for you as well!
If you have any other recommendations please share them with us!
Also - if you have something that you think would contribute to the chat; feel free to contact me anytime!

xo, Nykki and the bbloggersgirls

5 comments on "Let's make this chat even EASIER! {Enjoy} "
  1. Brilliant! I've just downloaded it from AppStore on my iPhone :D

    Thanks girls!

    F x


  2. Great post! I've been using tweetdeck for a while and it makes keeping up with various hashtags SO much easier!

    Jo x amomentwithjo

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