Guest Post: Make Up Tips On Looking Matte

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So girlies, let’s get started shall we?

‘Asiabee’s Oriental Matte Look’ list of products:

The first step is to apply the Mac Prep + Prime crème to your face. Only apply it to the areas that tend to shine the most. We combined Iman BB crème with Iman Second To None Crème foundation and mixed to achieve the right skin tone. This mix also helps create a nice glow. 

The second step is to brush the Bobbi Brown Sheer Finished Pressed Powder with a good quality powder brush (we used Mac's brand) across your face, until everything has evened out. This helps to give the matte look. This particular powder, we would recommend for when you're taking photos and filming as it helps reduce shine.

The next product we used was the Mac Burgundy Times Nine Eye Shadow. We used the glossy gold and purple colours. We wanted HettyAsh's eyes to stand out and be the main attraction. It's great for those who have small eyes as it helps accentuate them.

The mascara comes next - we used the L'Oreal Voluminous mascara which has a curved brush, but feel free to use any great mascara that is available.

The eyeliner we used was the Rimmel London rich brown waterproof eye definer. We love this particular product as the colour is perfect for those with small eyes. We find that applying black eyeliner all across your eyelids can sometimes give you the 'goth' eye look.

The Beauty Blush Warm Sand by Fashion Fair helps to define your cheek bones and the colouring provides a different contrast as compared to the rest of the makeup.

We find you can have your makeup done perfectly but if your lips are not done right, it can spoil the whole look. We used Mac's Chestnut lip pencil to outline the lips to give it a fuller look and tidy the appearance of the lipstick. For the inside of the lips, we used Fashion Fair Siren.

The final step is to re-apply the Bobbi Brown Sheer Finished Pressed Powder to finalise the look.

And voila...
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2 comments on "Guest Post: Make Up Tips On Looking Matte"
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